What is Vision Therapy?

A comprehensive program of computerised and non computerised activities plus exercises to improve or develop your visual Skills. The procedure is perfect for children, adults, and old people. Filters, Prisms, Occluders, and modern specialized instruments are used

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Our team of specialized doctors excellently helps a patient attain 20/20 vision with Vision Therapy. Your dedication to the treatment program increases the success rate

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Opticura Eye Clinic is an premier eye care centre located at bandra west Mumbai. It is being run under the expert guidance of Dr. Janaki Kodkani ,Dr. Yogesh kodkani ,Mr. Mantu Akon (Phd.opto.), Mr. Sumit Kumar Optm

It is a super-speciality eye care centre and is one amongst the best Eye care centre of area. Through Dedication, Professionalism and Perseverance. Opticura Eye Clinic is known to provide quality and affordable eye care to people. From basic diagnostic and therapeutic services to complex operative procedures, all activities are carried out under one roof. The clinic is easily accessible and has a patient friendly environment with multiple facilities.

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Who needs Vision Therapy ?

Vision Therapy is a non-surgical eye treatment that will restore your proper vision or manage any progressive eye disorder. The power of Vision Therapy stands in the hands of an Eye Professional and a patient’s dedication to the exercises/program aimed at restoring his or eye vision. Those with learning or reading problems, Myopia and many other conditions can be treated through Vision Therapy

How Long Does Vision Therapy Take ?

The period of Vision Therapy normally depends on the patient’s condition. Generally at Our Clinic, the therapy ranges between 4 months to 6 months. Weekly appointments are scheduled according to the patient’s timing, but for effectiveness, the patient must follow the doctor’s appointments and program

How Successful is Vision Therapy ?

70% patients are able to restore a proper vision after the Therapy, but the success rate highly depends on;

  • The type of eye condition
  • Extent or severity
  • The patient’s dedication to treatment
  • The period and time that one is willing to set aside for the treatment

What Does Vision Therapy Cost ?

Vision Therapy includes Eye Assessment, Pre-testing and the Actual Treatment. Therefore, one should expect to spend between RS. 15, 000 and RS. 25,000 or more. The treatment course or program is, at times changed depending on the doctor’s observation

What are vision Therapy Exercises ?

Vision Therapy exercises include eye exercises and therapeutic procedures. The exercises include wearing concave lenses, convex lenses near point of convergence training, antisuppression exercises and many more. Specialized devices such as lenses, prisms, Occluders, and generally computer and non-computer programs are used

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